Hello -

I was given a prescription for Gabapenten, 300mg 3 times a day just yesterday, for my panic disorder and anxiety. I felt a subtle calmness with the first capsule, and my I slept better than usual

The reason I am writing is that I researched every medication out there - SSRIs, SSNIs, benzos, etc. I have been taking Klonopin for 20 years (!),and about two years ago, I started experiencing breakthrough anxiety, but it was tolerable. But now, two years later, the anxiety has increased a great deal, although I am still not having panic attacks. This is why I sought out another medication, Gabapenten.

The reason I am writing is I read several patient reviews about Gabapenten, on different websites, and except for "Drugs.com", which,for the most part, has glowing reviews for this medication, the majority of reviews on the other sites were very dismal, claiming extreme vision changes and even blindness, heightened anxiety, etc. I just called my psychiatrist, and he said he had never heard of vision changes from his patients on Gabapenten.

I am very confused at this point, because it reassured me to read the mostly positive reviews on "Drugs.com" - but the scathing reviews on the other patient review sites really scare me. I don't understand how a large group of people on one site can love this medication so much, and feel it helped them tremendously, while the other sites can't say enough bad things about it. I am very scared about taking a medication which would make me feel worse, because I have suffered with panic attacks as a child, and on-and-off (mostly on) before I started the Klonopin, and I never want to go back to having constant panic attacks again, or maybe something even worse. I am just expressing here my confusion about whether this is a good medication to take. I know everyone is different with regards to reaction to medications, but the horror stories on the other patient review sites really scare me.

Any clarification about why there is this huge dichotomy between one site and the other, negative sites would be appreciated.