i am on the pill- ortho tri cyclen lo & have been for 4.5 months & i take it on time every day & use condoms during sex. my last period just ended a week ago & i did have sex a few times since then. 3 days ago i felt like i looked super bloated/fat/pregnant & i have been having diahreaa since then. my appetite has been kinda low, and i have been watching what i eat & exercising. i also have been in a way trying to detox. but today is day 3 of me thinking i look like i am pregnant. last night i took a pregnancy test & it came out negative. this morning i woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. i also noticed that when i eat sometimes i feel sick kinda of like reflux or heartburn in my esophogus? any idea what is wrong with me? could i be pregnant? or is this just the flu? please help!!! im going crazy trying to find out what is it. or is this just a side effect of me taking the pill?