I had a minor condom slip up with my partner while he was pulling out(condom pulled out half way then got stuck). As a precaution, I took Plan B (Next Choice) but about 12 hours after the incident. This is the second time I've taken Plan B (the first time being a year ago) but I'm still unclear about how it works and affects my body. I'm also worried that I *might* be preganant which I can't afford to have happen at this time.

My period usually comes 27-30days counting from the first day I begin to bleed. The last time I had my period was from November 10th and it lasted about roughly 6 days. As for sexual intercourse it happened on November 26th (taking the pill about 12 hour later). I believe my period is suppose to come either today(December 8) or tmrw but it hasn't come yet.

I'm sorry if this is a lot but I jus need feedback, opinion, or advice on this.
What should I do? And what are the actual chances that I'm pregnant?