The condom broke when we were having sex BUT it broke when he was trying to put it in me so he didn't enter me with the broken condom. My period was supposed to come yesterday but it's still not here. Instead I've been having a white stretchy discharge. I'm really nervous because now I think I'm pregnant. I keep rethinking the night to see if I missed anything but I remember clearly that i was holding his penis trying to put it in me (we were switching positions) when I felt the condom break in my hand (no lube so we were Kinda forcing it which explains why it broke) and I stopped him right away which means no cum or precum got inside my vagina so how can I be pregnant? I'm scared because my period is almost two days late and it's really regular so this is scary to me but then again I'm thinking that I miscalculated because I just got a new phone so all that was stored on my old phone's period tracker is gone so it could be possible for me to think my period was supposed to come yesterday but it's really not. We always use a condom and this was the first time it broke. Also it was possible that I was fertile during this time. Do you think I'm pregnant or am I just paranoid?