Hi everyone, I am 17 years old, 2 weeks ago yesterday I had sex at 11pm for my first time, we didn't relaize the condom broke until after we had sex, there was a little hole in it, I took plan b one step 2 hours later around 1am. 1 week after I took plan b one step I was was bleeding for 4 days then it stopped I'm thinking that this was one of the side effects because it wasn't my period, My period last month in Steptember started on Septemebr 16 and ended on the 19th so I don't know if I should expect my period on the 16th again? I don't think I'm pregnant because I'm in a sport called cross country we run a lot everyday and I feel totally fine when I'm running but I am still very worried and stressing out i just want my period to come already can someone please help this is so scary for me especially because that was my first time having sex and I don't really know how all of this works or when I should expect my period, this is the only thing I think about everyday and it is very stressful and i can't talk to my mom about it because she doesn't know i had sex so I'm just keeping this all to myself so it's making me stressed out even more.