Me & my boyfriend had sex on Monday, (four days before my expected period) and the condom completely broke during it. He noticed it was broke after a couple minutes. We immediately stopped. There was some pre cum in the condom that may have gotten inside of me. We had sex prior to this incident and he did not pee after (which I heard would increase sperm count next time). I took plan b no more than 30 min after we realized this happened. I am currently on spirnolactone for hormonal imbalance therefore I am not on bc because my obgyn said I cannot mix the two. I am aware the spirno can affect my period as well as plan b. Just curious as to effectiveness of plan b since I am on a prescription drug, and probability of pregnancy. I am 20 years old. Not sure if that makes a difference in all of these hormones. Currently studying for my bachelors, not financially stable enough for a baby right now. Any info to help ease my mind and relieve all this stress is what I'm looking for with this post.