My boyfriend and I had intercourse for the first time last week ( it was my first time ever)it was going great until we had a little accident the condom ripped he pulled out when he realized it happened (we know why it ripped though.) not even two minutes after it happened he didn't ejaculate in or near me not at all until later on when I left because we were to scared to continue I know precum can contain sperm but he went to the bathroom right before we began so what ever could have been there was flushed out definitely it was four days after I finished my period not on one of my fertility days or ovulation day I have a 32 day cycle and my period lasts 5 days any way we were scared so we decided I should take plan b I'm under the 165 lbs and I took it the very next day under 24 hours later I know I should be on birth control and that plan b is really bad on my body but we decided to try it because we can't afford a baby right now. Now 7 days after the pill I'm experiencing cramps and medium to light bleeding with no mucus it's red or pink not brow I'm wondering if this is from the plan b or implantation bleeding it's really scaring him and I right now I just need some reassurance my periods are very regular and I usually never late or switching cycles I know plan b can mess that up and it's to early to expect to get it I should be ovulation on the 13th and getting my period on the 27th I know we did basically everything right andbjust had an accident is it possible that with all the information I've provided I can be pregnant?