I was having sex with my boyfriend on June 14th. He continually checked the condom to see if it was still on and not broken. As he was pulling out to come I felt as if something hit my butt and vagina. Well, the condom broke! We freaked, I got Plan B: One Step 15 minutes after, and now I am playing the waiting game. I checked the scene of the event and talked to my boyfriend. He remembers that he did not ejaculate until he was fully out of me, but he saw that the tip of the condom had rolled off his tip. Most of the semen got on the sheets, and amongst the pile of the sheets with the tip of the condom that had popped off. More background…I started birth control three days (Sunday, June 1st) after my last period started (Thursday May 29th) for acne, but I also take an antibiotic for acne, too. So what are the chances of me being pregnant? I might have been overly cautious with the Plan B AND birth control, but I am highly worried. I am two days into my sugar pills and I am getting brown discharge, some blood, and I have sore breasts. No other symptoms really. I generally have a 30-day cycle, but I would have thought I would have gotten my period already.