So I'll be honest: on some nights I do take my pill a couple hours after I'm supposed to Sprintec (this month, I even took one 6 hours after I was supposed to, on accident). I've been on my period for 4 days (started Christmas eve) and tonight my boyfriend and I tried to have sex. We always use condoms as a back up, however, as he first pushed inside me, we both heard it snap but he was all the way inside me at this point. He pulled out and we saw that it had torn on the left side. I'm worried that there's a chance of his pre cum getting me pregnant? Also, this may sound dumb but, right before he put the condom on I had given him head- would this change the chances of the amount of pre cum being present?

** tonight, before he came over, I took my pill at 7pm- normally I take it at 9pm. Should I take all my pills this month at 7pm to avoid pregnancy?

I have extreme anxiety issues and don't know whether to worry about this all month or go take Plan b tomorrow morning. Please help me figure out the chances of getting pregnant thank you!