Earlier today I was sitting down on the back porch with my sister, my mom was walking toward the door with a grocery bag of food for my sister to take home. Inside the bag was a very sturdy, microwave-safe ceramic bowl. And when I say sturdy, it is very very thick and quite heavy for a bowl.
As I went to stand up to go inside, my mom had walked above me with the bag and I stood up and rammed into the ceramic bowl with the top of my head and immediately went back to the floor in a criss-cross position and clutched my head.
2 hours later there is a sizable bump and I still have a headache, but it doesn't feel like I have lost concentration, but I am very sleepy.
I'm mainly trying to figure out if standing straight up into an object as small as a ceramic bowl is enough of a jarring motion to cause a concussion, or if it's just a simple head bump and nothing to worry about