I have an ear infection from, what I believe is, swimmers ear, while in Indonesia.

I started taking amoxicillin, which I had brought with me, as soon as I noticed the signs of the infection; ear hurts to the touch and is very swollen.

After 6 days of taking, 3 500mg a day of amoxicillin, my condition has only improved slightly.

I was recommended that due to the nature of my infection, I should actually be using anti biotic ear drops to combat the infection, so I was given some 'Otopain' from the pharmacy.

Before starting to take the Otopain, in the instructions, under 'Drug Interactions', it read:

"Concomitant use with penicillin groups and it's derivatives should inhibit the bactericide activity"

What I'm wondering is what does this statement mean?

Thank you for your time.