I have been taking concerta fit about 5 months and am now up to 72 mg 1 time daily . I also take topamax 200 mg 2 x daily to try to Help with weight loss. While it does help me focus , stay organized, and gives me energy . I have not lost a single pound . The dr who prescribes this is very surprised as she has patients who have lost a good number of pounds on these meds.
I walk about 4 miles at least 5 days weekly and do not have much of an appetite. I drink plenty of water and do not just sit around. I went to my endocrinologist today today ( I gave hypothyroid and take meds levels are all normal ) to discuss starting phentermine ? She told me it is basically the same as the concerts and in the same class so it would have the same effects and does not feel if would be worth switching .
Has anyone been on concerta for weight loss the switched to phentermine and has any success ?
Feeling defeated