I have been battling excesive sleepiness for 5 years now. Had every kind of blood tests done, finally this past yer had a sleep test done. No sleep apnea, nor narcalepsy. I apparently have idiopathic hyperinsomnia (unexpalined excessive sleepiness). The doc i am seeing put me on Ritalin, but didnt work. Then Concerta and didnt work. Then dextroamphetims but were too much for my body to handle. Seems as if every meds they put me on speeds up my heart rate, but doesnt take the foggy and cloudiness away from my head, so i still feel very exhausted. And i noticed, ever since i took the dextroamphetamines, i have been haing heart palpatations, and anxiety/stress, feels like my hearts going to pop out of my chest, then feels like it stops and i almost pass out, but never really do. I'm wondering why this is happening? And now my doc put me back on Concerta 54 mg, with provigil at night. I'm scared that my heart just wont be able to handle it anymore. And im scared to even exercise on these meds because i dont want my heart to continue to climb, b/c even when im asleep, my heart rate is still up in the 90's. Also, what about drinking? I've heard stories about people drinking on meds like these and dying! Should i just say forget it, and live with the fact that i will always be tried and completely exhausted, and oversleep way too much? I am only 23 years old... Help please!!