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kaismama 22 Jan 2013

Have you tried putting it in something like applesauce on a spoon. Sometimes that helps it go down.

DzooBaby 22 Jan 2013

It cannot be crushed but you can put the pill on top of applesauce, a bite of ice cream or jelly. If a person can swallow a bite of food, they can swallow a pill (which is smaller than a mouthful of food). It is a mind over matter thing. Giving them something food-wise to swallow with the pill sometimes helps. Another way that helps is to place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible, then swallow, followed quickly by water once the pill goes down.

smileyhappy 23 Jan 2013


Maybe yogurt!

angel1662 23 Jan 2013

i agree with the above post i would put it in something smooth that he/she really likes like pudding, yogurt, applesauce and give it that way... good luck ...

endlessPred 23 Jan 2013

How old is the child? It might be better to get meds in a liquid form. Older kids get embarrassed and start to learn.

I helped my daughter and her friend learn to swallow pills by starting with tiny M&M. One itty bitty mini one. They liked the chocolate and some they chewed for their chocolate taste and then they were told they could swallow. Keep water handy. Sips with each one. When that was comfortable, and many laughs later, they were confident for the next size M&M. then it moved to medication. They were old enough to be told about rules for taking meds, mommy or daddy only gives it, and never just swallow something unless I said so.

Worked like a charm and as adults they still talk about the fun it was. Perhaps it will work for you too. :-)

endlessPred 23 Jan 2013

Forgot to add that my daughter would not swallow a pill in apple sauce, ice cream or anything else. She could feel it and would spit the concoction out. Even at eight. Ad other moms tried this too. Also worked for them. free discount card

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