My 8 year old son has been taking Concerta for about 2 months for ADHD. The first week or so was miserable. He was angry and stressed out and aggressive. I wanted to stop the meds, but was told to let them start doing their job. Since then, everything has been wonderful. He cleans the house, reads tons of books and plays nicely with his 6 year old brother. He's on summer break, but I assume his grades would be much higher if he was in school. For the last week, it's been different. He's not quite as hyper and destructive as he was before the meds, but he's not as well behaved as he was a few weeks ago. He gets very emotional, which is unusual for him, all the time. He refuses to do as he's told. He screams at his brother and I. He is out of control- until he's not. If he's riding his bike or watching tv, he's perfect. It seems like hes mad at me. If I ask him to do anything at all, its a fight. Bedtime is a fight. Dinner. Showers. Everything. It's either his way or no way. Does this mean the medicine is no longer working? Or is this a side effect? I can't tell because he didn't just go back to the way he was before Concerta. I don't know what to do.