I'm so confused. Why is it that all of a sudden every young boy has ADHD? Before it was ADD but now they are considered hyperactive as well. Since when does the government and society have the right to say who is normal and who is not? I thought boys were supposed to be more hyper than girls. That's in their nature. Now it's a brain malfunction because teachers want them to sit still and not call out if they know the answer. Smh I've met with every social worker in the school, almost got acs called on me because of his behavior, meet a behavior therapist every week, and now I've met a psychiatrist who gave me meds for him. Yea just give them meds and problem solved right? I'm a better parent because I'm doing what the doctor says? Back in the day the kids got a good butt spanking. That was the home remedy for adhd. They have taken that away. They told me don't spank him because he will be more violent. Because of his brain disease. Come on. Every since then he been worse. Now we rely on the internet to help us raise our children. I feel stuck. I feel like a bad parent and I feel like if I don't give him his meds I will get in trouble. The school puts so much pressure on me I just cry. He just started acting like this age 7. His grades dropped and everyone's making it seem like meds will make all my problems go away. I don't know what to do. I was thinking of letting him live with my aunt for a year so I can finish school and better both of our lives, p.s I was a teen mom, but now I can't work or go to school because he's acting a fool in class. He's been prescribed Concerta 18 methylphenidate. I've refused to give it to him because I've read horrible side effects or maybe I'm just scared to give a child medicine when there is no official study about this. The testing is entirely based off opinion. I really don't know what to do at this point. He's suspended once again, and the iep process has took 3 months. He's still in a class of 30 kids one teacher and they wonder why he's acting the same. They said dept of ed isnt paying for teachers aides. Plus we have to fight to get a para. Futhermore how on God's green earth is a child with ADHD going to learn when they are teaching COMMON CORE!!! It's way too many steps. If anything our children are way advanced, bored, and are so infactuated with technology that, that's what they need to be learning on. Not old textbooks and dusty library materials. They should all have kindles and be emailing their teachers their homework just like how the colleges are doing now. It's not our fault the schools aren't advancing with the times, now our kids can't pay attention. Give me a break. He sure pays attention to that leap frog and tablet. Smh. Sorry this is more of a rant than a question but this is my first time on the site, and I have been searching high and low for a support group in NYC. There aren't any. Anyone else on Concerta? How do you feel about kids and meds? I can't stop crying knowing something is wrong with my baby. Like forreal.