I've suffered with depression (constant) and anxiety (intermittent) for MANY years (15 years ago I did long-term Zoloft). Two years ago, I hit a wall and went to my doc, saying I can't take it anymore - felt like I needed to "do" something. She prescribed 20 mg citalopram.
I took ONE tablet. I am typically hyper-sensitive to some medicines. But, I felt like I was in a medically-induced state ... dizziness, didn't want to get out of bed, had to call out sick from work!
Now, follow up two years later - I'm in the same depressive/anxiety state, but worse. Doc has again encouraged me to revisit the citalopram. Recommending half tab/10 mg for a week or two - then increase. I am taking NO medicines currently, and have a bit of a negative thought process regarding medications in general.
I'M FREAKING OUT. I'm just scared. I know the recommendation is to take in the a.m.
I am diligent about taking all my vitamins/supplements at same time every day - so, I know I can take this med at the same time daily. I'm just so worried/concerned about this second attempt.
*Has anyone had such prominent adverse affects to only one tablet?
**If so, did you have better luck with the lesser dose/half tab approach?
I'm really trying to talk myself into it ... I know in the end, it will probably be better and help me. I'm reaching rock-bottom feelings of overwhelm and helplessness.
Thanks for your feedback :)