2 years ago I noticed a hard pea sized lump left groin. Today it's 3 fingers wide and mushy. A month ago I found a hard pea size lump on right side groin. For 2 years I've had weight that fluctuates from 150-190 from month to month. Currently I'm 152 the lowest I've been since I was 14. I'm 35 now. Im used to being fat and wearing size 36 or even 38 wuaist size pants. Now I almost need a belt wearing size 32. I ccannsee my abs for the first time in my life. And I'm mot dieting. Right now I have to eat something every 2 hours or I start to get a little dizzy. I feel like I'm starving always. Get so hungry it makes me nauseous. If the pattern keeps ill be 190 in a month. I know 40 pound weight swings from month to month isn't normal especially without dieting. I feel like I'm wasting away atm. I don't like weighing this little. None of my clothes fit.

Had severe night sweats for 2 year's now. Sometimes I have to change my sheets.
My wife has begged me for a year to go to the doctor. I'm too afraid. I really don't feel right this time. I'm eating like a pig but get no energy from food. I do feel really light on my feet though.

I can't explain how but since about a month after I found that 1st lump 2 years back I haven't felt right. Just overall felt not sick but not quite right either

Anyone have any thoughts?