I am taking Gabapentin to see if it will reduce or remove the tremors I get from Bupropion (stopping Bupropian not an option).

From everything I've read starting dose for Gabapentin is 300 mg three times daily.

However, I was started on 100 mg. once daily. This has been being increased very very slowly 100 mg. at a time. I am currently up to 100/200/100 - months later, still nowhere near the usual starting dose.

This has been going on for several months and reaching the usual starting dose still seems months away.

The main reason I was started on just 100 mg. seemed to be because it was by a doctor who said he knew nothing about the drug.

The current dose takes away the large involuntary jerks I was getting, so some hope. But the tremor and hand shaking continues on this current dose.

I want to know if the usual starting dose will work, and I am so frustrated at the speed of dose increase.

(I also have RLS so some hope it might stop that too).

Any comments on dosage would be welcome.