I am concerned for my wife. She has been addicted to percocet for 10 years and recently got off them almost three months ago. She suffers from depression and anxiety. Upon coming home from a treatment center she was given a slew of medications for all her diseases. I am concerned because all the pills together have some ugly side effects and they make her do some crazy things. She has slurred speech, falls asleep at any second or doesn't sleep at all. she has pain and nausea constantly. This morning she woke up saying she couldn't move her arm. We have 3 kids (15, 13, 1) and she can't even help take care of them. There are many more issues that have happened and I wanted to know if it was because of the meds. If anyone has an idea it would be great. The meds she takes are (Atenolol, Clonodine, Depakote, Lunesta, Phenergan, Seroquel, Suboxone, Vistaril, Zantac and Zoloft). Thank you to all that can respond.