I am babysitting a friends son over the weekend. He is 3 years old. the things that concern me are. at any sign of a noise weather it be soft or loud he covers his ears. a few examples are i picked up a guitar and he covered his ears. i didn't even touch a string. I blew my nose and he covered his ears. i was talking to my cousin and we tend to talk a little loud but not yelling, like as if we were talking over the tv. he also gets real stiff when he gets picked up. we have him for the weekend so the next things maybe because he is away from his mom. but he seems to be very unhappy i think this is the first time he has been away from his mom for this long. every once in a while he puts his face in his blanket and whimpers. he just sits on the couch and doesn't seem to want to play with my daughter. I have a 3 year old as well. she is very smart and very very active. she tries to play with him and he just kind of looks at her. He doesn't seem to understand anything other then are you hungry, do you want to play play dough. real basic commands. i asked him were the diaper he took off was and he looked at me like i speaking another langue. after a few times he said his mom took it. He can talk but not very well. he says only few word sentences and its hard to understand it. you have to really listen. Its like he makes a sound that sounds like the word not the word or even a part of the word. he doesn't understand a lot of basic questions. my daughter wanted to play store with him and tried to teach him to pay for something and he just ran. my daughter is above and beyond her age and i get that as to not compare them. We are always teaching her something new. She gets upset bc he does not understand her. He makes noises and sounds that dont sound normal. he will repeat a lot of what we say but defiantly does not understand or retain the info. he has a very lethargic and confused look all the time. he only eats a few things. he is not even half way potty trained and wont tell you if he needs changed. Now some of these issues is due to the parenting. the dad works all day and the mom is well let just say not a good kid person or a good person at all. i know she dosnt work with him in anyway as far as learning. i am sure he plays by himself all the time. the most of his tv time is real housewives and shows like that. i know she drank quit a bit while she was pregnant and smoked mass amounts of pot. if any of these things sound not normal please let me know . it will be the hardest thing to do but i will talk to them and point things out. i am scared that he is going to go to school and someone is going to go the parents and try to talk to them and they are going to flip out and say its the teachers or the schools fault "there is no way there child is not perfect bc they are so perfect" or just put him on some drug. Myself along with anybody in my family that has came in contact with him has said something to me. Most of my family are teachers or have tons of time with kids. we are one of the biggest kid loving families out there. i fear that this will destroy a friendship but at the cost of maybe helping this child i would do anything.