ok so this was the 2nd time I was on the depo shot... i was on it a year was due for my shot in july and in march i found out i was pregant... although we were not trying inbetween july and the time i found out i was expecting. That was my ex husband. ok so now i am remarried. I was on the shot for a year again, and my husband and i both have children with other people..I was due for my shot in October of 2011, my period returned in January of 2012 and has been completely normal every 28 days since..we have been trying to concieve since i got off of the shot and it is now going into October of 2012 and I am starting to get worried that something is wrong... I assumed that since everything went ok with the shot and getting pregnant last time that it would this time as well.I am also 29 and I was only 21 last time, so i dont know if that has anything to do with this problem. I have tried everything. I have done a cleanse, i take vitamins with folic acid in them, i drink alot of water..i am at my witts end trying to conceive. I know we both can have children so I dont understand why its not happening. I try not to stress over it, but its hard not to. I guess my question is; is there any way to get this stuff out of your system? Is there anyone out there that has a similar experience? Am I actually ovulating if I am having a regular 28 day period? Do you think we should see a doctor about this or is it to soon?