Backstory: I'm not actively trying to get pregnant at all, but I do take the pill because I had a miscarriage last year and didn't want to go through that again but if I conceive on the pill and go full term me and my boyfriend will be fine because we are planning to have our first baby in the next year or two. The schedule will just be sped up but he just got a great new paying job and I'm about to start a new one too.

The past two or three weeks i've been really busy and life has been hectic so i've been taking the pill at all random times during the day like from 8am to 5pm & anywhere in between. this week is the third week of my pill pack (& according to online the third week is when you should throw away the rest of the pack if you miss a pill and start a new one, does anyone know why?). I had unprotected sex multiple times with my boyfriend this weekend and missed my pill yesterday (he knows) and just took it now. the one i took the day before yesterday was at around 4pm and the one i took now was around 11am. so there's like 43 hours in between that. it was my ovulation week last week.

is it possible that i got pregnant this weekend?

I know that you have to wait until a missed period or maybe two. And look for symptoms that aren't due to being stressed about being pregnant or not. And excluding symptoms that may be due to PMS.

What i'm asking--> compared to taking the pill "perfectly" how much did the pill's effectiveness go down with i've described above and if this could have resulted in pregnancy?