No I have lost my pain doctor who whose a jerk ,anyway I have a appointment with compressive care and don't know anything about them. All I want is my meds i have been on since the year 2001 I dont do well in changes and this was not my fault that I lost this Dr after two years. If any one know these doctors please let me know I am going thru hell with no meds. What had happen was I had merser in my stomach and they had two cut me open very large incisions so they packed it ,they gave me 5 days of 5mg oxycodone so when I pull and unpack the cut it wont be so bad. I took my paper work to my pain doctor not trying to hide anything he let me know I was being honest with them and I guess honestly dosnt pay. So now.Ian seeking anyone that has had any experience with comprehensive pain or am I wating my time. I live Hebron ky and can't find a pain doctor this pain I have is almost suicidal now I have no doctor who will help me. If there is anyone out can please feel free to do so.I have mentioned that I have been on meds for so many years and then to take them away for something I have not done isn't fair. I have thought about going on the internet but I do not know where to go without getting ripped off.I have not any friends or like some one I can talk about this problem so for venting.this comprehensive pain Dr is in Indiana which is close to where I live all I want are my meds back which are oxycodone 20 mg 1 every 6 hrs and oxycodone15 mg 1 every 8 hrs that's it I have so many conditions to many to mention.Not like those who like to sell them how do they get away with this I dont know. Km