Hi. I'm very confused and quite worried after the conversation I just had with my boyfriend.
For the last ten or so years I have been chronically depressed but felt with it on my own till about a year and a half ago when I was put on 20 mg of generic Prozac. And did quite well on it until about two months ago when I started crying uncontrollable an for no reason again so my dose was upped to 40 mg
I have also been on trazadone 50mg as needed to sleep from severe insomnia cause by stress
Feb of 2012 I sneezed and severally tore a disc (history of degenerative disc desease) and was put on an arae of steroids antinflamatories and low dose pain meds. Given steroid shots ect finally I was regulated to meloxacam 7.5 mg twice a day gabapentin 300mg at bed time and hydro apap 5/325 twice a day. And it controlled the pain. My orthopedic dr decided since I was able to get aroun a little finally he would take me off the narcotics which is fine by me so four days ago I was put on tramadol hcl 50 mg morning and night with a mid day as needed but its only bearly curving the pain. Taking three a day. I can function but walking more than a hundred feet is very difficulate and standing still is next to impossible.
The last three days I have been having major hot flashes. And at night I can't get comfortable I'm just uncomfortable for no reason which I attributed to coming off the narcotic because I know only being 28 I shouldn't be going through the change yet.
Today my boyfriend and I were going down the road and I broke out in a sweat with the air goin full blast in the car. And we got to talking about it and he informed me that tramadol can cause seziures. The pharmicist only told me to look out for head aches fever and mood changes. As if I wasn't stressed out enough with all te things goin on in my life already now I'm worrying about this any thoughts and info would be helpful as I'm seriously confused at this point