Hi! I'm 20 y/o, female, and have had depression and anxiety since I was 14 years old. I've been on celexa, trazadone, and effexor. I've been off the effexor for about a month now and I'm miserable.
-I'm horribly sad and crying CONSTANTLY.
-I can't stop thinking about bad things (trouble with boyfriend, trouble at work etc).
-I'm filled with constant dread
-I'm having anxiety attacks too.
-I'm exhausted but I can't fall asleep.
I've had to call in sick to work for a week because of all this. I can't go back onto the effexor or celexa because it caused alot of sexual dysfunction (loss of interest, inability). I guess I'm just prone to that? So what I'm asking is: What medications should I ask my doctor about? Ones that don't have a sexual side effect. I'm seeing him tomorrow but I'd like to have SOME idea of what I'm getting into.