I have tapered Ativan for 9 years -- damaging GABA system.
GABA is sleep for me - receptors in gut and all over -- most have a lot.

It is inhibitory neurotransmitter keeping one calm -- and sleeping.

Also-- taking steady 140 mg oxys for three years.
To get rid of these I found sub Dr. and have been on Suboxone for 5 days and the level is 24mg now.

I read posts by Robert 325 and agree - I do not want to be a sub addict.

BUT- naloxone blocks GABA. And the little I have is being destroyed.
This means NO SLEEP

THERE IS probably w/d from the oxy still - precipitated?
There may be PAWS from Ativan - still taking 3% of total Ativan/valium

With no sleep and all this w/d or whatever life is worse than ever.

Having just 5 days of Suboxone--three of those up to 24mg -- I think there is room to decide what to do. I would love to be taking subutex because of the naloxone - but probably will not be allowed to. Unless there is some way.

Next visit is Monday - I am in bad shape. I need to know what the last best hope would look like. THANKS FOR ALL HELP