On Jan 2 I had unprotected sex with a new partner. Shortly after, I felt ill with flu like symptoms. Then paper cuts started appearing on my vag and they turned into white sores. Not the blisters you search on Google under herpes but just flat. I got tested last week for everything at two different dr's. The first doc called back today and said I tested positive for herpes through a culture swab. The second one, I went into person, said I tested positive for Chlaymedia and a UTI. Gave me pills for both. I asked about my herpes results and he stated: the lab wasn't able to determine positive or negative. There were anti-bodies in your blood however. This is in all of as we have all been exposed to the virus one time or another" I was reading online that false positive occur 40% of the time. My question is: Could these sores and results be due to a combination of everything I've been diagnosed with? Could I have had gh all along and contracting these stds brought about an outbreak? Help!