I was prescribed this medication 3 1/2 months ago by a psychiatrist in a hospital and since have been taking it with 3 other medications... It has been working and I can avoid just about all over the counter medications with it... my issue is this though, other than this one doctor who is almost 2 hours away I can not find any other physician who will prescribe the medication... It is upsetting and a little baffling to say the least because it is only 20 mg max a day and these physicians act like it is some form of opiate or what not and too, I can think of so many other drugs that are way stronger and don't understand what the problem is... even my own psychiatrist will not prescribe it for me... has anyone else run into these issues with this or any other drug that is considered to be a narcotic? Just wondering and what other avenues may I have to get around this issue?