I am a 63-year old woman, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November, 2013. Since my surgery, I have been unable to eat much of anything, without major bouts of nausea. For seven months now, I've had to deal with nausea, stomach cramps (often severe), bloating and diarrhea, on a DAILY basis. The surgery removed half my pancreas, half my stomach, a portion of my small intestine, the bile duct, my gall bladder and all my lymph nodes. My weight went from 152 lbs. (prior to my surgery - The Whipple Procedure) to an all-time low of 108 lbs. Earlier this month, my doctor prescribed an enzyme capsule, Pancreaze, to help with my digestion. The problem is, the cost is $325 per one month's supply ... and my understanding is I'll have to take this for life. I am no longer able to work, therefore my sole income is a small disability check each month, which I have to stretch in more directions than I can name, and there is never enough money to cover everything that needs to be paid. I have no insurance, nor any other source of income, and I have asked if there is a cheaper generic brand, or over-the-counter substitute, I could buy. The answer was "No", so I'm at a loss as to what to do, especially knowing this is the one thing that may actually provide me some relief from my ongoing, very debilitating situation. I would like to know if you can point me in the right direction, as far as any companies, or agencies, that can assist with financial aid in purchasing medications, such as this one. I'm checking every possible avenue, but so far haven't found a positive answer. I thank you, in advance, for any information you may be able to send me.