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What is the most commonly abused cds?

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madhupjoshimd 1 Apr 2013

What are cds?
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

Inactive 1 Apr 2013

Hello trishabrimmer. Could you please if you might clarify your inquiry. Regards pledge

kaismama 1 Apr 2013

Thanks, I thought I was the only one who didn't know, lol

DzooBaby 1 Apr 2013

Not sure what you mean by cds? Please clarify what you mean by that. It is best if people DONT use acronyms on here. Many acronyms, especially medical acronyms, can have many different meanings and often it is hard to figure out what is meant.

trishabrimmer 2 Apr 2013

controled drugs

DzooBaby 2 Apr 2013

I thought that but I didnt want to be wrong. I think it is different for different areas in the country (countries?) Where I come from marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin are commonly abused controlled substances. As far as legit medications, hydrocodone is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs and therefore one that is commonly abused.

murphy 1 Apr 2013

They are probably referring to "controlled drugs" free discount card

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