I would like to know if this has happened to anyone before, because I'm freaking out a little. I missed a pill in my first week - I'm pretty sure it was the first pill of the pack, or the second. It fell down between the stove and cabinet and I couldn't get to it. I took the next pill in the pack, and continued on, not missing any more pills.

After struggling through a bowl movement a week later, I started spotting and having some light cramping. The spotting stopped as did the cramping, but I still felt sort of uncomfortable. A few hours later and the spotting returned with more cramping. I finally managed to locate the pill I lost and I took it, along with the one I was supposed to take today. This has all happened in a day and I am wondering if these symptoms will decease now that I took the other pill.

Also, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend twice so far this month.

Are these normal symptoms from missing a pill, or is there cause for concern?