A couple days ago I had a severe anxiety attack. I've been taking 40mg of Prozac once a day for 15yrs and have had mild attacks, but not like the most recent. So my dr decided that maybe the prozac wasnt working like it should anymore after so many years. She is weaning me off prozac onto effexor. I started 75mg of effexor yesterday along with 20mg of prozac. She put me on a schedule over the next 3 weeks to wean me off prozac and essentially end up taking 300mg of effexor a day by the end. Now idk if what Im feeling are side affects already or residual affects from my anxiety attack. I've been feeling anxious/jittery, heart palpitations, tight chest. I feel like I cant settle down. I have a little nausea and dizziness, but not bad. So I guess Im wondering if anyone else has had similar side affects or I should be worried about something else. TIA!!!