A week ago or so i had "sex" twice. i took a pregnancy test 5 days after and it said negative. (did i take the test too early?) thenI took plan b 2 days after i had "sex" Another time. i don't know what to call it but he didn't cum inside me and we didn't use protection cuz we weren't planning on doing it at all (for all the times we've had "sex" we haven't used protection and I'm not on birth control). But i was also wondering if pre ejaculation was actually true and If i could get pregnant from it and if the guy can even feel it? (my boyfriends mormon so were thinking since he doesn't touch himself that he doesn't pre ejaculate but we aren't sure if thats true) Im supposed to get my period today and normally i feel symptoms like back aches or intense cramping or breaking out but this time none of that happened. Im also supposed to either cry or get really angry the day before (i did cry) and i know that plan b delays periods and i may be overreacting completely on everything that i have asked but I'm just really afraid that i could be pregnant.. Help!