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Common drugs used for chronic fatigue syndrome?

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jk13 25 Feb 2013

More often than not in cases for fatigue, lack of energy, etc., something like Nuvigil will be given a try. Ritalin is also a good option, however it being a schedule 2 drug often will make it a last resort choice. If you've every had any past issues with addiction to cocaine (the only reason why I would bring this up is cause about fifteen / twenty years ago I personally did) Ritalin is a terrible choice. I had been prescribed it, and not realizing that it is structurally almost identical to cocaine (except it lasts longer, thus making it medically viable) became quickly unable to take the med as was directed. Eventually I had to report this to my doc as I have two young boys who I love very much. Unable to stay awake when running out mid month made me turn into a terrible parent, something that I could not ignore. So, with that said, if there is no past history Ritalin really is a very good option if Nuvigil doesn't do the trick.

I personally have fibromyalgia / chronic pain / whatever it is / as well as ptsd. Due to the massive amounts of medications that I had to take at one point made the need for a stimulant in order to balance all of the other meds out. I am not totally familiar with all of the symtoms that are included with chronic fatigue syndrome, so take this suggestion for what it's worth. Your doctor (hopefully you have or can find a doctor who is educated in the fact that chronic pain / fibromyalgia / cfs are all very real medical issues. It can be very surprising (at least I was surprised) at the number of doctors who have troubles accepting these conditions as being "real". If you find that your doctor is unwilling to truly treat you in a way that is effective, you'll need to switch doctors until finding one that is educated in this field, conditions that do not show up on an x-ray or catscan.

Hope that this is of some help to you, and as I had said before, this is coming from someone who is not entirely familiar with cfs as a whole.


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