Hey all, I will start at the beginning of my story. I had really bad headaches and was taking .5mg of Xanax at night I didn't always take it however, and I didn't link my headaches at the time. I have had the headaches for about 4 months now and can't seem to completely shake them..my psych switched me over to klonopin to wean me off benzoate completely over time..I am currently doing a .125 decrease every week..everything was going fine with the exception of a little increased anxiety until a little more than 2 weeks into reducing my dose (.3275mg) I started feeling like I was literally going crazy and I felt like I was losing my mind. It comes and goes, but I was wondering if anyone else felt this..am a sain person, but this scares the he'll out of me..I have been on benzoyl for a little over a year now..I guess I just need reassurance that I'm not going crazy..