Hi D.C family!! Hope this post finds you all well! I am coming up on day 90 since I jumped off at 1mg of sub.Many of the recent posts about depression and pain have gotten my attention and I am realizing alot about how I was feeling when first coming off opiates has so much to do with my brain re booting and it lacking the endorphins I got from using the drugs..now I am starting to produce endorphins naturally altho not in the amounts I did when taking the synthetic form! But it's getting better. I am having to deal with naturally occuring pain, both from the fibro and from the distance running . I take Motrin(runner's M&M's lol) and Tylenol PRN. I am recieving accupunture monthly for the fibro. But I never realized how I was screwing myself when I was blocking all the pain and depression when on opiates! WOW! The body/mind is am amazing machine! I guess I just want to tell anyone out there who might be reading this that it really does get better , in time, and I really want to encourage anyone who is going thru taper w/ds or full w/ds , if you are able..get out there and exercise! Get those naturally occurring endorphins producing in your brain! It will help! It might seem like the last thing you want to do, but it will help. It helps with depression too!
How do you other folks that are not sub free feel? Coming on 90 days, I am really feeling back to normal now. How long did it take you other folks? Please chime in here..anyone, because I know ppl read but don't always post and it will help them! You all helped me so much, you have no idea!
I was feeling so lost a few months ago and never thought I would feel good again without sub, but here I am! Amazed and grateful!
thanks for listening my friends!
HUGS for now,
I know I am rambling on!