From everything I have read it is a very rough and long process to come off Effexor XR. This is so discouraging to me. I have been using Effexor XR to taper off Pristiq 50mg for the last 3.5 weeks, and was hoping that soon I would be able to stop it and switch back to Zoloft. From the sounds of it, it can take months to come off this drug. I really wish my doctor had educated me more about this drug before I started it, or that I had educated myself more. At the time I was just in such a bad place that I took whatever was prescribed to try to get out of it. I see my dr on Tuesday, but I am scared to go down further. The last few weeks haven't been very good, and I expect that going down further will be even worse. Feeling extremely anxious right now. Not good for the GAD.