OK so just to give some brief backround, 2 days ago I hemorrhaged from an incomplete miscarriage. I previously went to the doctor 3 weeks prior and that's when they gave me the news that my baby had died in the womb at 10 weeks. They gave me Methotrexate to pass the fetus, and I went home and thought that I passed it no problem a few hours later after taking the meds. Well fast forward to 2 days ago, I wake up aND there's blood running down my legs. I went through a maxi pad within 15 minutes and passed out in the bathtub. As a result I took an ambulance trip to the ER and had a D&C to remove all of the retained product. There were no complications and I went home as soon as I woke up from the anesthesia. I've been following the doctors orders and I've been staying in bed and taking the doxycycline but I've noticed a odd shaped bruise (or blood spots maybe?) on my left side on my ribcage. Its ring shaped and ooks as if I've been hit by a large paintball, it's a perfect open circle. I had a friend nurse take a look and she noticed that some of my veins were very noticeable around it, and suggested I get some blood work done. As far as symptoms, I've been extremely tired and weak, I figured it was from the blood loss, but I've also noticed pain in my chest (both sides) and being lightheaded and nauseated when I try to get up. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading, I know it's a bit long