Hi, my son (26 years old, autism and epilepsy) is on several medicines but his Neuro Consultant is weaning him off Lyrica. He's been on it for about 9 years. Dr. suggested dropping 50mg every 2 weeks but we are doing 50mg every two months. He's now down from 300mg twice daily to 150mg morning, 100mg evening. Over the last few weeks he's had an increase in seizures. He's either depressed or appears manic. Has problems sleeping. Needs a lot of prompting to eat and drink, appears completely disengaged. Because of Autism he isn't able to explain how he is feeling but we are wondering if its the Lyrica withdrawal having more of an impact because he's on a lower dose. The lower the dose, is 50mg having a huge effect. We are trying to get a hold of his Doctor. We live in the UK. Any advice would be welcome as we are really worried about him. Thank you.