I love the CombiPatch! It comes off, tho, so I use hockey tape to keep it in place. Lol.
Two questions:
1) Are there better areas than others for placement? It works great on my lower back. But you have to put it in a different place each time because of residual adhesive. Forget lower abdomen, where they tell you to put it. Stretchmarks, duh. Doesn't work at all anywhere at all on my abdomen. Legs? Butt? Why does it work better on some parts of the body than others, and why aren't you supposed to put it on your breast? Ok, that was more than one qusestion.

2) Adhesive. Sometimes it seems as if residual adhesive on my skin may be blocking the drug. If I burst into tears for no reason, then it's not working (not naturally a crier). So I move the patch, and later I feel better. My question: is it a common problem for adhesive to block the drug and if so what do you do about it? Also, if I move the patch or leave it off for a couple of hours, or forget to change it on the right day, I suffer. My mood is totally affected. So the question is, what is the lag-time for the drug to be effective on your system? OK, that was three more questions. Go. :-)