We seem to have a relative who is wife/caregiver for a dementia patient who, for the 3rd time we know of, has gone to the doctor to get more medications because patient gets agitated. We notice he gets agitated when she is hurrying him, or yelling at him.

Among a total of 7 pills daily (heart and dementia meds), is a new addition, is antipsychotic Haloperidol which has made him into a zombie with the shakes and no appetite. He is wasting away in front of us but the wife/caregiver is pleased that life is easier this way. One person said dosage of Haloperidol is 5 mg but I'm wondering if she read it wrong. 100 mg of Zoloft daily.

Haloperidol is supposed to be given 'as needed' but wife/caregiver was including it in his meds on a daily basis. Is this life-threatening? Can family members over-ride wife/caregiver legally?