Hey everyone, I recently started the pill on the first day of my period. Today will be day 7 of taking it (June 20th) and I'm due to see my boyfriend on June 30th until July 7th.

Because it will be 2 weeks+ since I've been on the pill AND I started on my period, will I be able to have sex unprotected?
Some people are saying 1 month, but by the time I finish my 21 day pack I would have taken 4 pills at my boyfriends house which will mean a full pack will be gone within 4 days of being there. Which means on July 5th I will have my 7 day break. I have been really good with taking my pills, latest I have been with it was 15 minutes past the time.

To summarize

1. Should I wait 1 month before unprotected sex or can I have it 4 days before my pill pack runs out?

2. When I finish my pack will my withdrawal bleed be heavy since I already had a period, or can I pill packs together to prevent bleeding?

Thank you!