... done and a cystoscopy and everything was cool. Negative. Could thinking about going to the bathroom alot or even GOING alot cause this to happen? Sometimes I go, wash up and then have to go AGAIN! It is annoying! Especially when you get up two or three times a night. I get up once and then go two or three times and in between I just can't get back to sleep right away! It drives me CRAZY! My urologist dropped me as a patient. Long story. :( Bad customer service on THEIR part. My regular doctor and psych say it is all because of anixety. Cut back on my Citalopram ( anti depressant) per my psych and he said see if that helps with the bladder. Last night. O woke up at 2:10 a.m. because I had to go and I guess I had to go so bad that the pressure was bad and I was in pain. I mean, I went before I went to bed. It seems that right before I GO to bed, the freqeuncy kicks in. When I am at work, ( I am a cashier) and if I have to go, it is a living nightmare when I have to go. If I am stuck up in front, it is very difficult to get away. T/G I have an understanding boss! Trust me guys, EVERYTHING is being documented at work due to this! Been being harrassed by a witch co-worker because of this. Thanks guys! Stress at work because of the co-worker. Action is being taken against this woman and maybe that is causing this.