I have been taking Trileptal (1200mg/day) now for almost 2 years to treat mild epilepsy. I sustained a TBI in 2010 which lead me to have one grand mal seizure in Jan. 2015 and several petit mal seizures before that. In addition to Trileptal I am also on 20mg of Celexa for depression. Let me preface the following by making it clear that I'm fully aware of the potentially destructive affects of certain recreational drugs on anyone, let alone someone with a TBI, and I would really like to get answers that are as objective as possible. So basically my question is: In what ways should the combination of Trileptal + Celexa influence one's reaction to 1.) alcohol and 2.) Hallucinogenics?
My experience has been that, since starting Trileptal, my tolerance to alcohol has dramatically decreased, but on a much more serious note, the aftermath has been characterized by essentially a 2 week severe migraine made even worse by the presence of constant suicidal thoughts. This has led me to stop drinking period.
In regards to Hallucinogenics, I have tried LSD And magic mushrooms a few times since starting Trileptal and every time I was completely unaffected.
as far as I know, alcohol does have a tendency to increase the side affects of Trileptal but I have never heard of the combination causing intense migraine and suicidal thoughts. Can the combination of Trileptal and Celexa have this affect?
I've heard of Trileptal reducing the affects of Hallucinogenics, but not completely cancelling them out. Could Celexa play a part in this?