... do? I started taking the Combigan about 1-1/2 years ago. It turns out I was allergic but the doctor said oh that's alright, just skip 1 day and then return to prescribed dosage. Then I found next that it caused chest pains related to my asthma. Then I watched the left breast grow. The left side neck area has a thin layer of fat not found on the right side. And the left eye lashes are growing longer then the right eye lashes. Now I just stopped taking the drops altogether because the irritation and redness just got bad. I tried to use the Combigan at reduced times (e.g., once a day or skip a couple of days). Nothing would last. I was trying to wean myself off but the headaches that comes to remind one to take your meds. would come on. But since stopping my eyes are red and the headaches only go away if I take heavy pain meds at half a pill every two days. The Tylenol extra strength I started out taking just stopped working at all to relieve the pain.