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What color of pills should I be on to start my period?

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DzooBaby 23 Apr 2013

It depends on which birth control pill formula you are on. Tell us the name of your birth control pills. There are many different kinds and many different colors. Some have one color for 21 days with 7 pills of another color, some have a different color each week and some have 21 pills and you are supposed to skip a week before starting the next pack. (Beginners should not be on this kind of pill!)

Little tiger 23 Apr 2013

The name is Tri-previfem... I take the 28 day. The colors are white, light blue, blue and light green. I am in the light blue row now and have taken 3 of them.

DzooBaby 24 Apr 2013

The light green tablets are the week you are supposed to have your period on this formula, although when you first start the pill you may have breakthrough bleeding anytime during the month. This is just because your body is getting used to the Pill's hormones. This will straighten out in time and you will regulate out to where your period comes the week it is supposed to. You may not get your period the very first green pill either. It may take a few days. Most women find they start on average on the 3rd or 4th pill but really it can come anytime that week. You are to start your new pack when it is due whether or not you have finished bleeding. Sometimes if you have breakthrough bleeding mid month, you may not bleed at all on your period week-this is ok too and doesnt mean you are pregnant.

Little tiger 24 Apr 2013

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I started birth control in February, and I wasnt explained anything about it at all. I am a very nervous person and I worry about everything. The week of 4/7, I spotted for 2 or 3 days. So, since I did spot alittle, I might not have my perod at all? I haven't skipped any pills and have taken them the same time everyday. I wasn't sure if I should get a test to calm myself or not. I really appreciate your help! You are wonderful!

DzooBaby 25 Apr 2013

If it was just spotting, you may still have a regular period. It is hard to say, it just depends on how much lining is left to shed. Pills work a few ways to prevent pregnancy. First and foremost, the Pill stops you from ovulating every month. Normally hormones are secreted to ripen an egg in the ovary and then it is released to await fertilization. If it is not fertilized it passes out of the body and the nice bloody plushy lining that has built up in the uterus in preparation for a fertilized egg is shed. Since the egg wasnt fertilized, the lining is no longer needed so it sheds and this is what we call our "period" If the egg WERE fertilized then the fertilized egg would burrow into the lining and cells would begin to divide, the placenta would form, and a pregnancy would commence. So the Pill stops the egg from ripening and being released. It also decreases the amount of that lining. Less lining means that the uterus isnt as hospitable to a fertilized egg.

DzooBaby 25 Apr 2013

Sorry, that should be antibiotic Can and do reduce effectiveness of the Pill and you can become pregnant if you are on antibiotics and the pill if you dont use a barrier back up.

sargent1 22 Jun 2013

I want to skip my period... really really bad but I also want to be safe from pregnancy, my boyfriend is coming to town and it's right of the time of my period, I have 10 days till i'm supposed to start, ive never takin b-control before, I have trivora, so do I take my first pill now? Or do I wait till the first day of my period? And if I do wait till the first day if my period, will the first pill stop the period? And effective in prevention of pregnancy... someone please help me :-)

rcsmera 27 Sep 2013

hi i would like to ask some question about taking pills,brand name is trust and i want to know if should i continue taking my pills right now even though i dont have my period yet ?the color of the pills that i supposed to take with in 21 days are yellow and for 7 days are brown and im finished of 21 days now so should i continue the brown one or not i did take 2 of brown already but no menstration yet .please help me i wanna know if i will just continue the brown or proceed to another packs of pills?Im really worried because this month will be over and still i dont have my period yet im expecting it 1st week of the month but now its over and still not me if i should use new pack now or finished my brown one even no bleeding yet?

NM16 3 Oct 2013

Can you just take the green pill by itself to induce period? I dont want to be on Birth Control, But I do have irregular periods. So, can I just take the green pills once a day to get my period? free discount card

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