hi 57 fm i collapsed i n store and woke up in the er with no memory at all of what happened. I was told i had a siezure. they did a ct scan and found nothing. my husband thought i died in the store, a lady came upon me and prayed and told my husband she will be ok she is having siezures. the er docs said i just had syncope. I aint buying that at all! they said i probably had low blood sugar. the ambulance people did a finger poke on me but i was not told what the number was. after the event i have been feeling weird and a meta ltaste in mouth. headache to. severe rumbling in my ears very dizzy. this has a severe impact on me. er doc said i needed to see a neuro, i thought he said they would refer me to one but it s been 2 wks havent heard a thing. Any ideas for me as to the weird metal taste ect... what it might be? i also have an electrical feeling on my tongue and numbness in my arms/legs/i am very clumbsy for about 5 years i have really changed Im worried maybe i have something more sinisture wrong with me. I am afraid to speak because i have aweird thing happen when i start to talk my throat seems to close off and my words come out real weird!!! This is devistatingly embarrassing for mes and i dont like to speak much because of it! It is real notible to everyone around me when this speech thing happen! PLEASE help!! Need some possible anwers to what might be wrong with me. Thanks!!