... months. Was on prednisone 30mg/day for over a month, azathiprone once/day and cortifoam (that was fun). I'm done all of them now. Just started Asacol 800mg 4x/day.

I wish my Dr was more informative about how I'd be feeling while tapering off these damn meds. I went from being full of energy (vitamin D has helped)..even though the last 3mths I've had really bad insomnia which I just started taking melatonin... now, I have 0 energy. I mean I can't even walk to the store without putting in every effort possible. I'm 33, trying to lose weight and keep healthy and now I have tingling in my body, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of appetite (as a woman I'll accept that lol but I need to eat in order to take meds) and my tummy is alwayssss bloated and sore. I've been eating healthy but can't seem to get the bloat down. Ive tried going for walks but afterwards it just leaves my muscles sore

I guess this isn't a question but I greatly appreciate any info and like learning other peoples stories just to educate myself etc. I hope eventually we can all frolic on a beach and not feel so crappy.