... all the different diets I was given by each doctor that came to see me while I was in the hospital.

I allowed my UC to get so severe (by ignoring it) when I did seek help (GI Dr. and colonoscopy) I was sent to the hospital due to severe anemia (7.3 HH), dehydration, migrains, and stomach pain. At the time I was on Lilada (with no relief) for a week but I was told it needed 4-6 weeks to take effect. After a few days of a clear liquid diet and diliuad (pain med) I was allowed to go onto low residue and low lactose and Ashalt (which they said was evilavent of Lialda). After a day of this new diet the pain worsen and I was put back on clear liquid and IV steroids aka prednisone. This is the Drs way of starting over I'm assuming. I then started a low residue- low lactose- gluten free diet which seem to work and then was switched to 60mg of oral prednisone. after a few more days in the hospital I was no longer bleeding and my belly activity lessen (miracle!). Each week I get to lower the amount of prednisone I take by 10 mg. I am still on Lialda 4.8 GM a day for life i'm told. Besides the major side effects of the prednisone my major difficulty is my diet-

I was biopsed for celliacs and it came up negative yet the Dr said in some UC cases they are gluten intolerant so to avoid gluten. So my current diet is low residue (which my gut is telling me no salads and veggies with the exception of potatoes), low lactose and gluten free. I have gone from a normal diet to a diet that seems to be limited to protein. Every website seems to focus on low residue OR gluten free and suggest to eat the other for ex gluten free eat more veggies and low residue eat fiber and wheat. This has become a true struggle and meal time is now dreaded since I am always hungry on the steroids (and aggravated)and I usually mess up by eating a something wrong since I don't know what I'm doing. And any mess up is an immediate set back in the UC flare up department aka I pay for every mistake.

ANY help or advice on this diet would help more than you know!